Neutering & Vaccinations

Pet neutering and vaccinations
 in Glasgow

Do you wish to get your pet neutered? Or maybe it is time for their vaccinations? We recommend you speak to a reliable vet. Contact Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic today.

Improve your pet’s health with neutering

At Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic, our team of experienced veterinarians will be able to advise you about the cost, time and the procedure to neuter your pet.  

Neutering is a permanent solution to unwanted litters. If you are looking to improve your pet’s health, neutering can help by reducing or eliminating the risks of certain diseases. We not only deal with pet neutering but can also help you with pet vaccinations and other veterinary services
Pet neutering
Looking for expert advice on pet vaccination? 
Call us on 0141 332 1934 today.
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Benefits of neutering

• Prevents unwanted litters
• Reduces aggressive behaviour in mature male animals
• Reduces the risk of defective offspring
• Reduces shelter admissions, euthanasia and pet emergencies

Get your pet vaccinated today

Spaying and vaccination can help curb a lot of pet diseases and prevent unwanted litters . Contact our team to of compassionate veterinarians at Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic, Glasgow and book an expert consultation for your furry friend today.
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