Microchipping for your pet in Glasgow

Microchipping increases a pet’s chances of return if it ever goes missing. At Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic,
we can advise you on microchipping for your pet.

It is now a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped so if you haven't already done so, book your appointment now.

Microchip your pet in Glasgow

Are you scared of losing your pet? Do you want to get your pet microchipped? A microchip is a permanent small chip injected during a normal consultation or during surgery, under your pet’s skin between the shoulders. This can help you find your pet if it ever goes missing. 

A lost pet can be taken to a veterinary clinic for a scan to reveal its code. At Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic, we can refer to the central database to identify a pet’s details so it can be reunited with its owner. We can also help you with a cat boarding facility at our clinic. This will ensure your pet stays safe while you enjoy your holiday. 

Missing pet? Learn how microchipping can help. 
Call us on 0141 332 1934 today.

Track your missing pet with a microchip

Microchipping your pets gives them the chance of being identified and returned to you if they are lost or stolen. Contact our team of experienced pet care professionals for a consultation on microchipping your pet. 
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