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Emergency Vets in Glasgow

If you are looking for emergency veterinary care in Glasgow, visit Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic today. We are open 7 Days a week. 

Your pet is in safe hands

When you need an emergency vet, you can rely on the experienced vets at Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic, Glasgow. We are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of urgent critical care, so we are particularly skilled at dealing with emergencies. We are open during nights, weekends and bank holidays when most other veterinary clinics are closed. We also offer consultation on pet supplies and pet food. 

We have a fully equipped operating theatre, preparation room and X-ray room. Our on-site laboratory has biochemistry, electrolyte and haematology analysers, which provide results within minutes. 
Need emergency veterinary care? 
Call us now 0845 850 2080

Best possible care for your pet

• 24 hour services
• Fast response 
• Emergency examinations
• Emergency surgical procedures
• Bandaging & wound treatments
• Treatment recommendations
• Wide range of veterinary services

Dedicated professionals for your pet

As well as emergency pet care, we also perform dental X-rays and have specialist equipment for exotic dental procedures. We also have full hospitalisation and isolation facilities allowing intensive care and nursing. Contact our team today.
emergency pet care

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