Dog Grooming

On-site dog grooming in Glasgow

At Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic in Glasgow, we provide an on-site dog grooming service to help you pamper your dog regularly.

A pet salon for your furry friend

Are you looking for a pet salon which offers a wide range of grooming options? At Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic in Glasgow, we offer a full range of dog grooming services including microchipping, nail clipping, bathing and blow drying. 

Our aim is to provide high-quality and reliable dog grooming for your pet. Health and safety are important to us and all equipment and accessories we use are sterile and of superior quality.
pet salon
Have your pooch pampered today. 
Call us on 0141 332 1934
dog hair

Why does your dog need grooming?

• Manageable dog hair 
• Keeps eyes and ears clean, reduces the risk of infection
• To enable early identification of skin problems, fleas and mites
• Maintains your pet's comfort and overall well-being
• Keeps your pet clean and smelling fresh 

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